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Events, February 28, 2004 - March 21, 2004

The artefacts of AXE Group exhibited at Pushkinskaya 10

Maxim Isaev and Pavel Semchenko, the founders and the only members of AXE Group or Russian Engineering Theatre AXE present their paintings, graphic, objects of art, theatre artefacts and video installation on the exhibition at Pushkinskaya 10, in the Museum of Non-conformist art.

AXE Group realizes some ideas in a format Theatre approximately since 1996. The Group uses scenic (ideal) Space including, again, ideal Light and Sound, and consider themselves only as Operators. In this case the Space is the main character of the performance. The Space mastered by the Operator is valuable and sufficient itself.

By virtue of the ignorance and incomprehension of the real Theatre laws but, admiring its Signs, the AXE Group substitutes with a desire: dramatic art (drama) by logic development of images and situations, rehearsals by zombeing themselves, and psychological play by dependence on the elementary physical laws. Thus, psychological and physical imperfection of the Operator is the same universal instrument as, for example, ideally prepared body and consciousness of the graduating student of Theatrical Academy.

The transformation of Objects, Light and Sound is the instrument equal on force to weakness of the Operator. Faultlessness of the process is already a result. The AXE Group aspiring to sacrament of the process actively uses experience of banality. By the virtue of the told, and also, taking into account a certain experience of AXE Group in the field of fine art, it is appropriate to speak about AXE Group, as about Optical Theatre, or Russian Engineering Theatre.

AXE Group took part in the international theatrical festivals in Hungary, Germany, France, Poland and Finland.

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