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Business news, 15.08.2002 12:51

11 cars "Gazelle" from “Baltika Brewery”.

11 cars “Baltika Brewery” has awarded representatives of the best trading houses with 11 cars "Gazelle" for careful observance of storage conditions, transportation and promotion of the company production. Developing distributor’s network, "Baltika Brewery" controls strict selection of partners.The major principle of this selection is preservation of production quality. The sales volume made by the distributors, for first six months 2002 has made 27,5 million. It on 32 percents is more in comparison with the similar period of the last year. The share of trading houses on sales of the company for the first half-year has made 33,5 percents, and about 100 large cities of Russia are embraced with their sale network.

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