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Business news, 25.12.2006 14:16

St. Petersburg is Russia's banana capital

Banana Tree Trade companies from Petersburg are leaders on the Russian fruit market. About 80% of fruits officially imported to Russia, cross the country's borders through the Petersburg port. The popularity of the port became one of the main reasons of the leadership of St. Petersburg companies on the Russian fruit market. They have started with trade, but now they use advanced technologies of storage and transportation of fruits. They practically don’t have legal competitors in the country. In the opinion of the majority of experts, the development of St. Petersburg leaders will be continued, since the consumption of fruits in Russia will grow fast. The “Big Three” on the Russian market for fruits are St. Petersburg importers: Sunway Traders, SORUS and JFC.

These companies are specially involved in banana import to Russia. Bananas, which had almost an exotic character during Soviet Union era, are now the “people’s fruit” in New Russia. According to the Russian State Customs Committee, bananas accounted for 27% of the fruit import volume (vs. 22% for apples and 14% for oranges) during the first 11 months of 2004. This banana boom is explained in the first place by the fact that this is the cheapest fruit in Russia. Its price (including expenditures for transport, loading and unloading operations, and all customs payments) doesn’t not exceed 1$ /kg in retail. In the second place, bananas are convenient in the consumption.

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