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City news, 14.04.2004 12:27

Border guard gives OK to ‘Tallink’

'Tallink’ ferryboat From April 10 ‘Tallink’ ferryboat line started carrying cars on its ferries. The border guard service finally agreed to certify acceptance of the checkpoint in the Seaport cargo terminal.

The CEO of the closed joint-stock company ‘Morskoi Vokzal’ Vladimir Malik announced the news. Over the week’s operation time ‘Tallink’ lost $55 thousand due to the impossibility to import and export automobiles from St. Petersburg.

‘Morskoi Vokzal’ company failed to meet all the requirements forwarded by the North-Western Regional Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia to enable ‘Tallink’ to start its work before April 2. ‘Morskoi Vokzal’ had to renovate the automobile checkpoint to give ‘Tallink’ (Estonia) and ‘Silja Line’ (Sweden) the opportunity to begin their businesses in St. Petersburg.

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