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Structure and Functions of The St. Petersburg Governmental Authorities

The government of St. Petersburg consists of:

  • a legislative body -The Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg;
  • an executive body -The Administration of St. Petersburg; and
  • judicial bodies -The Charter Court of St. Petersburg, Justices of the Peace.

2.1 The Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg

2.2 The Administration of St. Petersburg

The Administration of St. Petersburg is a permanent executive body of the government of St. Petersburg. It consists of:
  • the Governor of St. Petersburg, who is the head of the St. Petersburg Administration;
  • the Government of St. Petersburg;
  • the Office of the Governor of St. Petersburg (reports to the Governor);
  • branch and territorial bodies of the Administration of St. Petersburg (report to the Governor); and
  • branch agencies jointly subordi-nate to the legislative bodies of the Russian Federation and the Administration of Leningrad Oblast (joint subordination).

The structure and authority of the Administration of St. Petersburg are established by Law of St.Petersburg 112-44 of 8 October 1996 (version of 27 January 1999).

The St.Petersburg Administration is headed by the Governor of St.Pe tersburg, who is elected for a period of 4 years. The Governor of St. Pete-rsburg, as well as the deputies of the Legislative Assembly, may not:

  • go on business trips at the expense of individuals or commercial organisations;
  • receive any compensation for executing their official duties from individuals or commercial organisations;
  • be a member of management of a commercial organisation;
  • conduct entrepreneurial activities themselves or through representatives; and perform any other activities for payment except for educational, scientific or other creative activities.

2.3 Branch Bodies of The St. Petersburg Administration

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