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New law on position of foreigners in Russia

On June 14, 2002 Russian State Duma in its second reading adopted bill on “Legal position of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation”. It defines the legal position of foreign citizens as well as of people without citizenship and regulates relationship between the foreigners and authorities of Russia.

Here the order of giving out of permissions on temporarily residence of foreigners in Russia is described together with the reasons by which it may be refused in the permission, or the permission issued may be annulled. The permission will not be given out, for example, to those foreigners who come out with forceful violation of the basis of constitutional order, or who create a threat to Russia’s security, finance and plan terrorist acts. The temporarily residence will not get whose who have un-acquitted guilty verdict for having done heavy crime on the territory of Russia.

Besides, in the bill are enumerated those positions that foreigners have no right to occupy. In particular, they are not permitted to perform municipal or governmental service. Foreigners can’t comprise the crew of the ships that go under the Russian flag, they can’t be appointed captains of air vessels of Russian civil aviation. The bill as well prohibits for the foreigners to be accepted for work on the objects that are related to provision of Russia’s security. Foreigners can’t be called to do military service, they also can not do military service in Russia on their own will.

The bill defines the order of registration of invitations to enter the Russian Federation and stipulates responsibility of authorities and foreign citizens for breaking the law.
In its first reading the bill was approved in 1999. Today in its favor voted 268 people, against – 1.

Information source: informational agency PRIMA


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