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Acquisition of real estate in St. Petersburg

Andrew Krotkov

If you have decided to buy real estate in St. Petersburg, address to a real estate agency and to the specialists who can provide qualified legal assistance of the bargain.

Real estate agencies select the objects according to the requirements of the clients, conduct the settlements between sellers and buyers, secure safety of these settlements. Legal assistance of the bargain includes: verification of the agreement with the realtor, working out the scheme of acquisition of the real estate and the scheme of payment most convenient for the client, checking "history" of the acquired apartment and whether its record is "clean".

It is necessary:

  • To make sure that the flat belongs to the person who is going to sell it to you. For this purpose it is necessary to verify his passport data and documents for the flat in an organization registering rights to living quarters.
  • To make sure that the seller is the person he is pretending to be. If someone pastes his photo in the passport of a real seller he can collect all necessary documents and sell the flat, provided he has certain skills. Qualified experts will help you to check the personality of the seller. They will also verify the information about temporarily absent persons (tenants of the accommodation and members of their families) who do not forfeit the right to use the living quarters.
  • To be convinced that the seller is not registered in psycho-neurological and narcological clinics. Practice shows that such people's claims for cancellation of a flat purchase contract in most cases are satisfied.

Legal examination is also necessary when making abargian concerning premises that is not lived in. Having choosen the seller and of the fact that the object is unencumbered, to make up - in a proper way - the parcel of documents necessary for legal registration of the bargian.

While purchase of a real estate object (cafe, restaurant, shop, office, separate building etc.) from a private company does not cauyse much difficulties, the same deal with the state maybe made only according to the special procedure stipulated by the Investment Law. Repurchase of real estate objects from the state is possible only on investment terms: first an appropiate object has to be choosen, then you should apply to the local investment department, then the investment project is to be drawn up, then goes a closed tender followed by the cobclusion of the investment agreement. When every term of has been observed, the object becomes the property of the investor. In our city this procedure is organized well enough.

In any case we advise you to consult a lawyer specializing in the field of real estate.

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