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 Aleksei Kudrin Alexei Leonidovich Kudrin is a Russian statesman, and the Russian Minister of Finance. He has held the post since 18 May 2000. 

Aleksei Kudrin

Aleksei Kudrin Vice Premier of the Russian Federation Government, Minister of Finances

Born in October 1960 in Dobel, Latvia in a military serviceman's family.

Before he was admitted to the Leningrad University he has been working at the Defense Ministry's Academy of Transportation in Leningrad. In 1983 he has graduated from the Leningrad University's Economics Faculty. After graduation he has worked as an intern researcher at the Leningrad Institute of Social and Economical Problems of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences. In December 1985 he has been admitted to the day-time graduate program at the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences' Institute of Economics. After receiving his Candidate's degree, he has been doing research at the Institute of Social and Economical Problems.

As a leader of the institute's group of young researchers, Kudrin struggled to elect a new director with a progressive frame of mind. At first he suggested that Egor Gaidar should strive to receive this post. Later he suggested the same thing to Aleksander Shokhin. Both of them refused for different reasons. Kudrin's third suggestion was to a young lecturer of the Institute of Engineering and Economics Anatoly Chubais. The suggestion was accepted, but the elections were postponed.

In 1990 Aleksei Kudrin has started working at a new job in Leningrad's executive administration. His original position was at the Committee on Economic Reform, headed by Anatoly Chubais. He has afterwards continued working under Chubais's command at the Committee in charge of the Leningrad district free enterprise zone. During the next few years he has been Chief of St. Petersburg government's Main Financial Board. Since 1994 he has been First Deputy of Mayor Anatoly Sobchak, a member of city government, Chairman of St. Petersburg's government's Committee on Economics and Finance. He has headed and coordinated the co-operation of St. Petersburg economists with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and with the World Bank. As a result, joint programs were developed, including St. Petersburg's new strategy on investments and financing and the city's policy on external loans. These programs have been highly evaluated by international experts. Kudrin's team has simultaneously completed its program on preserving and developing St. Petersburg's historical centre and accomplished its approval by Russia's government on May 15, 1996. Aleksei Kudrin has actively participated in the restoration of St. Petersburg's famous Temple of Our Saviour "On the Blood".

After completing the graduate studies program at the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences' Institute of Economics in Moscow, Kudrin has received a Candidate's degree in Economics. His thesis paper was on the issues of economic competition.

In August 1996 by decree of the Russian Federation's President Kudrin has been appointed Deputy Chief of the Russian Federation's Presidential Administration and head of the President's Main Control Board.

In January 1999 he became First Deputy to the Chairman of JSC European Economic Union in Russia Administrative Board, Anatoly Chubais. In May 1999 he has been elected Chairman of Lenenergo's Board of Directors. The company is the largest energy provider in Russia's North-Western region. In June 1999 he became First Deputy Minister of Finances. Kudrin is a member of Ministry's of Finances Board. He has authored over 15 research works on the topics of competition and anti-monopoly policy in Soviet economy of the transition period.

Aleksei Kudrin is married with two children. His thirteen-year-old daughter is a secondary school student. His younger son is a year and a half old. Mr. Kudrin lives in a building containing residences of Russia's government members. He is fond of sports, such as hockey, soccer and basketball. In his rare spare minutes he attends tennis classes. He prefers classical music, but is also interested in high quality popular music, especially jazz. As a school student, Kudrin has played drums in a rock band. His favourite writer is Lev Tolstoy.

At the present time Aleksei Kudrin is First Deputy Minister of Finances and Chairman of Lenenergo's Board of Directors. On May 18, 2000 he has been appointed Vice Premier in charge of fiscal agencies and the government's economic policy, and also became head of the Ministry of Finances.

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