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Valentin Pashin

Valentin Pashin Director of the Central Scientific Research Institute, full member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, laureate of the State Prize, Hero of the Russian Federation.

Born in 1937 in the Saratov region.

Upon graduation from the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute in 1960 he has begun working at the institute, and has successfully worked at posts from an engineer to Deputy Director in charge of scientific research (1979) and Director of the Institute (1990).

The scientific interests of V.M. Pashin are diverse. He has developed a theory of ship optimization based on computer technologies, theoretical basis for systematic ship design, methods of optimization of their fundamental characteristics, as well as mathematical models of optimization of naval organization. With his initiative and with his creative input a number of very difficult practical problems related to ship and submarine design have been resolved. He has participated in the testing of various ships and submarines.

In 1985 V.M Pashin has been awarded the USSR State Prize.

Currently he is the head of the "Russian Shipyards" presidential program, aimed at raising the level of competitiveness of the civil fleet.

As a director of a large scientific research center, V.M. Pashin participates in the design of programs of shipbuilding development, general patterns of progress in this industry, the perspectives of shipbuilding.

V.M. Pashin has made important contributions to the development of the Central Scientific Research Institute named after A.N. Krylov and its adaptation to new economic and legal conditions. After accomplishing the merger of Baltsudoproekt Construction Bureau and Lot Scientific Research Institute with the Central Scientific Research Institute, V.M. Pashin was able to create a powerful scientific and technological base of Russia's shipbuilding. The institute is able to carry out the entire cycle of modern ship design and the design of other complex marine technology, it conducts a wide spectrum of research and testing related to shipbuilding.

V.M. Pashin is the author of many research works, essays and educational texts on ship engineering and co-author of numerous inventions. He lectures at the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University, heading the Department of Ship Engineering since 1994. V.M. Pashin is a member of many scientific councils: i.e. that of the President of the Russian Federation, of the Security Council, of the Russian Federation Government, of the Russian Academy of Sciences, of the Ministry of Science and Technologies. He is the President of the Scientific and Technical Society of the Ship Builders of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

V.M. Pashin is a fellow of Britain's Royal Institute of Marine Engineers, and of the European Engineering Council. The latter entitles him to act as an international design evaluation expert. He has also participated in the work of the organizational committees of important international scientific conferences, such as the International Shipbuilding Conference (ISC), "Navy and Shipbuilding Nowadays" (NSN), "Russian Arctic Offshore" (RAO), the International Conference on Development and Commercial Utilisation of Technologies in Polar Regions (POLARTECH) and others.

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