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 Oxana Fedorova's news Oxana Fedorova's news 

Is it the Cinderella story?

Oxana is as beautiful, hardworking and devoted as that little girl from the famous fairy-tale … BUT unlike Cinderella, Oxana never had the wonderful Enchantress who could make her the true Princess… It is her sincerity and intelligence, her natural beauty and self-confidence that have brought her the Victory. Take a look at the answers she gave on the interview:

What kind of men you don't like? - the selfish ones

What kind of men do you like? - a man has to be intelligent, first of all. He should know what a woman needs and have good sense of humor… and he should also like dogs” – she added and smiled.

What are your interests? - shaping (fitness) and reading. I like the books on low and, naturally, the detective stories, enjoy philosophy and the fine arts.

Where do you spend most of time? - In the International Federation of Shaping (Kazan-street), in the Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Now she got the public engagements around the world that include fund-raising for AIDS research. Travel starts with a trip to Kenya. "I really want to be associated with children's causes," Oxana said. "Today's girls are tomorrow's mothers; they need to be taken care of."

We don't know whether this carrier was something she had been dreaming of. She Was throwing in her lot with the Russian Police and Low. In her native town Pskov she graduated the police-juridical college and the police secondary school with honors. But something made her to move from the little Russian town Pskov to far and huge city St. Petersburg. And big city didn't change the goodness in her. She was leaded by her Destiny but she had been working hard to achieve her goals. So, one day she decided to take part in the casting and that decision became the first step to the Olympus of “Miss Universe”. In 1999 Oxana became “Miss St. Petersburg 1999” and two years later she got the first price on the “Miss Russia”.

Rumors are followed by all famous people. One of the most prominent images on Russian newscasts those days was of Oxana sitting in her office next to a large portrait of current president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Although, it is accustomed all over the world to have the national flags or portraits of the presidents in the administration, most of the journalists preferred to consider that to be a sign of some kind of connection between them. Looking for the hot scandals and popularity, the journalists usually forget of the political correctness as well as the feelings of the person they are blaming in. So, Oxana has to continuously explain many times that she has no connections to the president and try not to notice the people earning on the rumors.

All Oxana has now was gained by herself. Her true magic is in her natural beauty, sincerity, strong will and intelligence. It is a story about a girl who had been dreaming to be the policeman to protect her family but has become the Miss Universe – a classic Russian Lady with strong family values and morals, tender soul, sincere and open heart, and strong will.

“Gun-toting Russian wins Miss Universe” was written in one of the articles over the Internet. Well, that is true but don't take this too serious. Oxana is also a nice woman who just wishes to have an interesting work and to make a good family with her beloved one… Are you a bit jealous of him? Well, perhaps, you should just take a look around… there might be someone who wasn't announced as the “Miss Universe 2002” but still very nice and looking for you to give a glance at her… Don't waste your time and start seeking for her now! Put the “Miss My Universe” crown on the head of the woman you will fall in love with and the world will change. So, perhaps, you are just few steps or clicks away of your happiness! Don't give up your search for the true love and Your Miss Universe!

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