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 Oxana Fedorova's news Oxana Fedorova's news 

Oxana Fedorova names more reasons of her refusal of “Miss Universe” title 

The captain of police, Oxana Fedorova continues to insist on the version that she all by herself decided to refuse “Miss Universe” title.

“I refused the title myself for such were my private circumstances”, stated Fedorova in her interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” newspaper published on Tuesday, September 24.

Though the arguments the Russian Beauty provides seem strange.

The main reason of refusal Fedorova names her thesis’ defense. “In two months I have to defense my thesis. I spent so much time on it, and with the duties of “Miss Universe” I could not prepare my defense”.
Though one strongly doubts that anyone would prohibit the clever and beautiful Oxana to do her defense in one year later.

Oxana as well reported that before she won the title nobody spoke with her about the terms of contract. “I didn’t suppose that I shall be so absorbed with my work”, stated the Russian Beauty.
Though it doesn’t look persuasive for everyone who is related to the matter of “Miss Universe” contests knows that the winner will have to perform the duties that are automatically following for the Beauty queen the following year.

In her interview to “NTV” TV-channel Fedorova said that she took the decision to refuse the title because fulfillment of the related duties would hinder her success both in studies and career. “I am a person of purpose, and to do two various jobs seems impossible to me. In such a situation where it was impossible for me to continue my studies I addressed the organizers of the contest with an appeal to give me definite time for the defense of my thesis.” Though Oxana Fedorova had had enough time and energy to compete for the queen’s crowns in various beauty contests before and it didn’t hinder her work and studies.

Among the reasons by which Fedorova refused the title she names nostalgia. The former “Miss Universe” understood that she could not live without Russia, which served her right in her aspiration to devote herself to work and to graduation. “I miss my home very much”, Fedorova stated.

Fedorova as well stated that she adequately performed all work related to the contracts which took place during four months since she won in the contest, though the organizers of the contest claim that Fedorova refused to fulfill the terms of the contract stipulating her show up at the wide public. (“New York Post”) 

In her turn, Fedorova claimed that the publication in “New York Post” that blamed the Russian Beauty in that she refused to perform her duties, took on seven kilos of weight, got married and got pregnant was “a total unexpectedness” for her. “There is no truth in this publication”, Fedorova stated.

On her further plans Fedorova stated that she wants to continue to lecture in St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. “May be, I shall be invited to work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs”, Fedorova said.

Thursday, September 26th

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