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Taxi in Saint-Petersburg

taxiMany people prefer to catch private driver. This is significantly (2-3 times) cheaper than the trigger licensed taxis, but on the other hand - of course, dangerous. And if you do not know the standard rates, you risk being overcharged for your journey. Besides, if it happens at night, or you do not know the way, or if you are on the street, where there are no large flow of cars - much more safer to use the services of professional taxi drivers. In their usual neat capacious cars «Volga», rarely - foreign cars.

Call service operates round the clock. The cost of travel is usually taken into account on the computer at the time of booking. Taxi stations impose a minimum price (200-300 rubles), and short-distance travel by taxi is just not lucrative.

Many taxi drivers in the city speak English. If necessary, they can give you information and tell you about St. Petersburg. Bear in mind that at night-time charges are 50% higher. You will also be asked to pay more if you hire a taxi at a railway station or airport.

If you are truly in a hurry, you may order taxis at hotels and restaurants by phone at 265-1333 (24 hours a day). After a 5-10 minute wait, you will be told the number of the taxi which has been sent for you. When it arrives, do not forget to check its number.

Many hotels offer car hire services. Cars may be chauffeured or self-driven.

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