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Restaurant Shoory-Moory kindly placed at the St. Petersburg Caricature club's disposal its interior for the monthly exhibitions. There you will see the works of such famous artists as Alexander Zudin, Dmitriy Luyskin, Igor Shinkar and Viktor Bogorad. The restaurant's name defined the theme of all exhibitions, where the heroes involved in the unceasing love games tell the visitors about "Shoory-Moory" (love affairs) anda high role of love. There is a special table in the restaurant, that is meant for romantic dinners, where a specific atmosphere for the arising feelings exists, and one can order this table by phone. Regular visitors of the romantic dinners can have a discount. All visitors are offered an apple-money box, where they can drop a coin which will help to support the love and come back to the favourite table. One can also buy a caricature and the authors' plates, which belong to the only woman-caricaturist, Marina Bondarenko. The restaurant's atmosphere makes you smile, think, philosophize, and enjoy the life.

Address:8, ulitsa Belynskogo
Subway (Metro):Nevsky Prospect (Browse map)
Tel:(812) 279-8550

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