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Events, August 29, 2002

European Union countries projects for celebration of 300th anniversary

A Letter of EU came to the Committee-300 signed by Ambassador of Greece to Russian Federation Mr. Dimitrios Paraskevopulos, Ambassador of Denmark – Mr. Lars Vissing, Chairman of the European Commission Representative Office in Russia, Mr. Richard Right and Ambassador of Spain Mr. Hose Maria Robles Fraga. In the letter they speak of cultural projects that several countries – EU members plan to realize in the framework of St. Petersburg Tercentenary celebration.

Project number one. It is called “European Route”. The places having historical ties with EU countries will be provided with special plaques telling on these ties, together with the flag of EU. Guide book on these places will be issued where joint St. Petersburg and EU countries history is represented. The opening of such route will take place on days of Tercentenary celebration.

Project number two. Its name is “Festival of European Cinema”. On the festival films from different EU countries will be demonstrated which will open view on variety of cultures of these countries. The festival is planed to be on the first months of the year 2003.

Project number three is “European Youth Orchestra”. This orchestra will consist of 140 young musicians from different EU countries, that is based in London. For the present moment, artistic manager of the orchestra is Vladimir Ashkenazi. The orchestra patronize Prime-ministers of 15 countries of EU together with Chairman of European Commission and of European Parliament. In the framework of St. Petersburg Tercentenary celebration, concerts of European Youth Orchestra are planned.

All these projects will join official program of St. Petersburg Tercentenary celebration and the Committee-300 will provide for them all the necessary support.

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