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Events, September 12, 2002 - September 15, 2002

The exhibition “CITY of the CHILDHOOD”

This year the exhibition is devoted to a history, architecture and the children's literature of St. Petersburg. In the centre of a showroom on ground floor of the Central Exhibit Hall "Manege" there are "houses" and "streets" of CITY of the CHILDHOOD, realized on motives of architectural monuments of Petersburg. These models are painted by participants - children. Children also can draw simply on a paper. Brushes, paints and paper children receive free-of-charge. All works of children will find a place in the exposition “CITY of the CHILDHOOD”. EACH child of our city can participate in an exhibition. An entrance for children - free-of-charge.

The program of master-classes on architecture, painting, figure, dance etc. which will be carried out by actors, teachers, art directors of studios and our foreign participants is prepared. On the Theatrical square of CITY of the CHILDHOOD the programs will be presented by children's creative collectives, and also professional actors. Children's writers, artists, publishers will perform in front of children. Various competitions, quizes and games will be held.

Sponsors of CITY of the CHILDHOOD will present the creative actions, competitions, games and, certainly, prizes.

At an entrance each child receives a colourful map - the plan of CITY of the CHILDHOOD, the playbill and the schedule of master-classes. At an exhibition "guides" - students of high schools of Saint Petersburg will work.

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