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Events, October 16, 2002 - November 17, 2002

St. Petersburg. Memoirs of the happy person

October, 16 at 12.00 in the Exhibition gallery of the Saint Petersburg central state archives, located in Archival committee (Tavricheskaja street, 39), opening of the document exhibition "St. Petersburg. Memoirs of the happy person" is held.

The exhibition is prepared by the Moscow city association of archives on the basis of documents of personal S.D. Rudneva’s archive. S.D. Rudneva - the musical teacher, the founder and the art director of Petrograd (then Leningrad) studio of musical movement "Geptahor", passionate fan of Isadora Duncan, with which she was familiar personally and which creative methods developed by the pupils of studio.

At the exhibition numerous materials about activity of this unique school, and also original archival documents, the photos reflecting the world of St. Petersburg art culture in the beginning of XX century will be presented.

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