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Events, January 13, 2003 - January 31, 2003

In memory of N.S. Korotkov

Famous Russian surgeon N.S. Korotkov is included on the list of remarkable St. Petersburgers whose portraits are going to adorn the streets of our city during the days its 300th anniversary celebration.

The decision was taken in the framework of realization of “Intellectual Petersburg” program. In the course of the meeting of chairman of the Committee for Preparation and Holding of St. Petersburg’s 300th Anniversary Celebration Natalia Batozhok with chairman of the Korotkov memorial society S. Popov were discussed questions of holding a ceremony of awarding the Korotkov international premium and a golden medal together with other events connected with the scientist. The decision was taken to hold the ceremony in the middle of April 2003 in the Military Medicine Academy.

To remind it our readers, while participating in the Russian-Japanese war as a doctor N. S. Korotkov invented a method to measure arterial pressure with sound, which keeps to be a world standard till now.

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