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Events, September 9, 2003 - October 7, 2003

Smolny Cathedral: "The city in the eyes of the Finnish Photographer - history and restoration"

Photo Exhibition "The St-Petersburg in the eyes of the Finnish Photographer - history and restoration" of Mr. Kari Hakli -- the Finnish photographer is to take place in St-Petersburg from the 9th of September to the 7th of October in Smolny Cathedral.

The event will take place under the name of "The St-Petersburg in the eyes of the Finnish Photographer -- history and restoration", which is organised with the help of the Institute of Russia and Eastern Europe (Finland) in conjunction with the Institute of the Foreign Relations of St-Petersburg. The expert help was kindly provided by the "KGIOP" - the St-Petersburg-City Government'Žs office, responsible for protection of the city'Žs historical landmarks and embankments.

Mr. Hakli had made 2 trips to St-Petersburg (1st was in the beginning of September of last year and the last was in March of this year). There were more than 500 shots made, from which only the best were selected for the initial exhibition, which took place in the Finnish town of Turku - the sworn-brother town of St-Petersburg. The current exhibition consists of 40 white-and-black blown-up photographs and also a few colour shots. There are a huge number of colour slides presented, which show the colossal work done on St-Petersburg-City'Žs restoration. -- I think that the most important in my photo work is its esthetical value. The very nature of photography gives one ability to notice the esthetical value even in the most humble-looking house or room, with regard to the fact, that this value was first noticed by the photographer himself. What I am trying to do is to show the people that there is a way to see the beauty of the historical value in buildings, even if the buildings themselves are of no presentable value, even if they look poor and diminished.

Hari Hakli - the photographer'Žs bio:

-- Was born in Finland in 1940.

-- Graduated Helsinki University with the major in history of arts.

-- Was a primary photographer for the National Finland Opera and many other dancing halls and groups.

-- Was a leading filming expert / photographer of the Helsinki's City Museum, the National Museum of Architecture of Finland, the World-known Finnish architect Alvara Aalto and other museums and architectural organisations.

-- From 1976 to 1990 he was working as a professor of photography of the Helsinki's Art and Science University.


-- St-Petersburg (Turku) -- 2003

-- Classicism in Berlin (Helsinki) -- 2003

-- Classicism in Berlin (Berlin) -- 2002

-- Ballet photographs (Riga) -- 2001

-- Vilnius's streets (Helsinki, Hameenlinna, Karaa) -- 2000

-- Liepja -- Libau (Helsinki) -- 1998

-- Sveaborg of the photographer (Helsinki) -- 1998

-- Sveaborg (Turku, Helsinki) -- 1987

-- Architectural and Theatrical photographs (Turku) -- 1983

-- Scenical portraits (Helsinki) -- 1982

-- Museum's photos (Yuvaskula) - 1979

-- Photographs of the two Finnish operas (Helsinki) -- 1978

-- Opera "Boris Godunov" photographs (Helsinki) -- 1976

-- Theatrical photos (Helsinki, Berlin) -- 1974


Sveaborg of the photographer - 1998

Helsinki's views on the basis of the old pictures -- 1989

Helsinki's Universities -- 1987

Impression of Helsinki -- 1981

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