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Events, April 23, 2004

Best Latvian pop group to 'brainstorm' Onegin club

The most popular Latvian pop group Brainstorm will play in Onegin club this Friday. Brainstorm was founded already back in 1989. During that time though they were just a bunch of classmates with one original song and a few "fans" from their school. Back then Brainstorm had only four members (Reynard, "Magic", Peter and Nick). Mike, being one year younger than others, joined the group a few months later.

Brainstorm made their debut in Latvia in 1992 with a single As You're Coming. The single jumped straight to the Latvian Top 10. Their next single Winter reached the second position in national charts. This success brought Brainstorm the "Latvian Music Award as Best Newcomers".

In 1995 their single Airplanes became the all-time best-selling single in Latvia. In 1996 their new hit Under my wing became best-selling single of the year again.

In 1998 Brainstorm got their first releases abroad and they also made a triumph at Karlshamn festival in Sweden.

Among the suns was Brainstorm's first album to be released also outside Latvia. However, Eurovision Song Contest 2000 was where they really made their international breakthrough finishing 3rd in the end. During 2000 they toured extensively Europe. In Summer 2000 the lead singer, Reynard Cowper, also acted in the movie Mystery of the Old Town Hall. In 2001 he won the award as the best actor in Latvia.

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