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Events, January 22, 2005

New Year's President's Ball 2005!

You don't have to invent a time machine to travel back in time. All you have to do is don your best ball-dress or tuxedo, get on a horse-drawn carriage and come to the gates that lead to one of the many magnificent palaces of St. Petersburg.

These palaces still remember the eminent protagonists of Russia's history, including Catherine the Great, the Genius of A. Pushkin, the beauty of N. Goncharova and hundreds of other remarkable men and women who populated these palaces. Their shadows can still be seen in the halls!

The doors of one of the city's palaces will open to you, and you will step into the magnificence of the past.

You will find yourself in a fairy-tale you have been long since awaiting to become a reality, since you were a child, a fairy-tale that will never leave you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I invite you to partake in a Miracle that can only happen in this unique city on the Neva River created by the genius of Peter the Great!

Yours truly,

Margarita Bouriak

To qualify for the President's Ball, a successful distributor shall have:

Achieved a positive increment in sales at the first 6 levels for 2004 compared to 2003,

Achieved at least a CV 150,000 worth of sales across levels 1 though 6 for the period of September through December 2004, and

Achieved a respectability level of at least 80%.

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