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Events, August 22, 2006 - September 22, 2006

“9 000 km. Transrussian artistic project” – global installation

The “ 9 000 km. Transrussian artistic project” is a project of the State Center of Modern Art.

9000 km is a distance between the westward and eastward borders of Russia. The kilometers of the Earth, comprising Russian territory, are united not so much economically and politically, but much more geographically.

The project reflects the new artistic geography of different regions of Russia.

It also aims to show their cultural components and simultaneously to find the general artistic “ideogram”, which would be equal to the modern condition of Russia as a big state, comprising European and Asian, liberal and conservative, capital and provincial parts.

The “9 000 km. Transrussian artistic project” is a part of the Art Biennale Festival, held in St. Petersburg from the 22 of August till the 22 of September.

The exhibition will take place at the European University of St. Petersburg, situated on the

3 Gagarinskaya street, “Chernishewskaya” metro station.

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