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Events, August 26, 2006 - August 27, 2006

The Chaos Constructions 2006 Computer Festival is taking place in St. Petersburg

The main idea of the Festival is to provide the people, interested in communication, the possibility to speak freely, participate in different competitions, exhibitions, seminars, roundtables and other events, which will be presented at the Festival.

The territory of the Chaos Constructions 2006 will be divided in different “sections” and directions, where the events are supposed to be held. The visitors themselves can choose the direction and place (with or without computer).

During these two days the Festival will be the center of attraction for the people, who work with computers, as well as who create with the help of computers, the artists, the musicians, designers, system administrators and, finally, those who want to know more about modern art and technology.

Together with competitions, the seminars related to the creation of computer games and technology development will be held at the Festival, as well as the exhibition, dedicated to the old and unusual computers.

Following directions for Festival’s events are supposed to take place: video, blogs, network art, network journalism, moding, old computers, animation, films, games, etc.

The “Chaos Construction 2006” will be held at the “Eurasia” gallery, 5 minutes walk from “Lesnaya” metro station.

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