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Events, March 1, 2009

Merry Shrovetide

March 1, theatrical festival

Area folk festivals Pavlovsky Park

Last week before Lent is called Cheese Week, Shrovetide. This is the most cheerful, most riotous and truly popular celebration. All the week, fun and joy replaced each other, with a certain sequence.

On Sunday at the conclusion of a festive week, finds a large fireplace and a ritual burning of man of straw with the ancient pagan sense: the destruction of the symbol of winter and the awakening forces of life.

In the Pavlovsky Park, there is a good tradition to celebrate the broad, cheerful Shrovetide. This is a great folk festival with the participation of theatrical characters, folk dance troupes, hot pancakes and tea, the traditional fair of crafts and trades, sledging.

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