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Events, April 6, 2011 - April 9, 2011

"Defile on the Neva River" XXIII season.

"Fashion without limits "- the motto will be screenings of 20 designers participating in the 23rd week of the season in St. Petersburg prêt-à-porter« Defile on the Neva River", among them Lily Kiselenko Stas Lopatkin, Tatiana Gordienko, MD Hurley, Natalia Soldatov, m / m ANTEN, Pauline Raudson, Katja Anderzhanova, the designers of the International School of Design, Anna Ovchinnikova, Tatiana Sulimina, Vladislav Aksenov, Victor Afanasiev, m / m Zh'An and Paraskeva, Daria Potekhin, Catherine Korosteleva, m / m Linum, Janis Chamalidy, Tanya Kotegova.
"Defile on the Neva River" continues to expand the geography of the fashionable St. Petersburg. The new fashion-territory - Exhibition Complex "Lenexpo".
"Lenexpo" - the card of St. Petersburg. Here are the largest and most prestigious events of world level. Partnership with one of the leading exhibition companies in Russia and the largest in the Northwest region allowed to form a unique offering for guests and participants of the 23rd season of "Defile on the Neva River".
Spring Fashion Week was first held in the format of presentation of the new collection + exhibition space in the showroom. "
With many years of experience "Lenexpo" and "Defile on the Neva River" project "showroom Defile on the Neva River at "Lenexpo" will be a unique tool for the modern fashion-marketing at the St. Petersburg market. The main stimulus effect for visitors to the exhibition will be temporal proximity of the site and location of the showroom to fashion shows "Defile on the Neva River".

April 6, Wednesday
19.00 Lily Kiselenko
20.00 MEGA Fashion Show (promo show)
Tatiana Sulimina
21.00 Polina Raudson
22.00 Natalia Soldatova

April 7, Thursday17.00 International Design School
18.00 Zh'An and Paraskeva
19.00 MEGA Fashion Show (promo show)
Daria Potekhina
20.00 Catherine Korosteleva

April 8, Friday
18.00 Linum
19.00 FH "Harley"
20.00 MEGA Fashion Show (promo show)
Katia Anderzhanova
21.00 FH Anna Ovchinnikova
22.00 Janis Chamalidy

April 9, Saturday
17.00 Stas Lopatkin
18.00 VIKKI-Victor Afanasiev
MEGA Fashion Show (promo show)
19.00 ANTEN
20.00 Vlad Aksenov
21.00 Tatiana Gordienko

April 6: from 14-00 to 18-00, free for all visitors to the showroom
from 18-00 to 21-00, for reviews of impressions, by invitation
7,8,9, April: from 12-00 to 16.30 - free for all visitors to the showroom
16. 30 to 22-00 - for guests, by invitation

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