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Events, April 21, 2011 - April 24, 2011

St. Petersburg International Book Salon 2011

Supported by Federal Agency for Print and Mass Communications
Patronage by Chamber for Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
* Đàçâẹ̀Literary and copyright market development in Russia
* Forming and developing of Russian authors brands
* Building new positioning for the book market as a dynamic, modern and attractive intellectual products industry
* Forming the image of book market as a leading intellectual products market, and Russian Book Union as a leading organisation for copyright protection and intellectual products markets developer
* Become one of leading international book fairs in Europe
* Become the most visited exhibition in St.Petersburg
* Assist the meetings of publishers with authors, sellers, printers, providers and readers.
Exhibition format:
* Inside and outside the pavilion
* Conference halls and stages - business events for exhibitors and trade visitors, cultural events for public
* Book selling for public
* Food court
* Special programme for children
* Publishers
* Authors
* Book-sellers
* Libraries
* Educational institutions
* Printers
* Audio, video, e-books producers
* Internet-shops
* Producers and distributors of software
* Industry organisations and associations
* Governing bodies
Visitors: Trade visitors (about 7 000)
Main events of Book Salon 2011:

* International Writers Forum
* Best Books of the Year Award by ASKI
* Presentations
* Conferences
* Seminars and Panel discussions
* Meetings with authors
* Concerts
* Special programme for children

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