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Events, September 18, 2012 - September 20, 2012


The first Energy Forum was organized in 2000 with the initiative of GAZPROM and KINEF in the forefront of economic and industrial recovery after the crisis of the 90s. The Forum development kept in step with the contemporary history of our country showing the qualitative changes in the Russian economy of the recent decade.
Being the Organizers every year we tried to make the Forum the most interesting and topical, inviting for participation companies from different regions of the country and the world and offering various forms of cooperation.
Today our participants, partners and traditions are the real evidence that we did not work for nothing during all these years. We entered the international level and achieved success together.
We are glad to mention the fact that the Forum subjects now have much expanded presenting everything new in the sphere of development of domestic and world energy industry. The representatives of political, scientific and business elites of different countries, the leading energy companies, the leaders of oil producing, machine building and nuclear industries take part in the Forum.
The decisions made at the conferences are sent to the RF President Administration, the RF Federation Council, the corresponding industrial institutions and committees that without doubt makes an emphasis on their practical and scientific significance.

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