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Events, April 3, 2014 - April 5, 2014


All-Russian Agricultural Exhibition «AGRORUS-REGIONS»

Official support:
Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
State Duma Committee for Agriculture
The Association of private family farmers and agricultural cooperative enterprises of the Russian Federation
Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Government of St. Petersburg
Government of the Leningrad Region
ExpoForum-International Ltd

Goals and objectives
Development of Agriculture of the Russian Federation with the co-operation
Create a "business platform" to the demonstration of experience of creation and functioning of small-scale farming in agriculture, possibilities of farming and discuss ways of its effectiveness

Demonstrate experience of regions on the development and effective management of rural cooperatives in conformity with government policy on agriculture
Organize existing measures of government support of rural cooperatives, as well as the citizens and organizations that make up their social base
Offer new measures of government support and regulation of rural cooperatives
Promote the growing importance of rural cooperatives for rural people and agricultural producers

Agricultural consumer cooperatives
Agricultural credit consumer cooperatives
Agricultural production cooperation
Audit Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives
Consumer cooperatives in rural areas
Youth and rural development. Experience, problems, prospects

Topical sections
Agricultural machinery and equipment
Fertilizer. Seeds
Co-products. Processing and marketing of agricultural products
World experience of development cooperation
Research and development, innovation and technology
Legal, banking and insurance services


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