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Events, September 16, 2014 - September 18, 2014


Supported by Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, Government of St.Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast
TEKHNODREV International Specialized Exhibition has made a base for the All-Russian network of woodworking exhibitions.
Main goal of the network is promotion of new technologies and innovations for wood processing, woodworking and furniture industry to the local forestry market.
Venues of the TEKHNODREV 2011 project are large regional centers of Russia St.Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk i.e. cities with economical situation suitable for forest industry development (natural resources, production capacities, hr, infrastructure, active investment processes and highly experienced exhibition companies).
Number of exhibitors is constantly growing and today makes over 150 companies annually. Among the loyal participants of the exhibition: PHEN, DUCN, INIEX LES, NGCIN-ENGINEERING, SVIK SPB, D-HN, DIEFFENBACHER, EWD, VANICEK, POLYTECHNIK, MICHAEL WEINIG, BLSHPROCSS, GRNKH, ECDRV-VR, IVKH, D, ANDRITZ, AMANDUS KAHL and others.
TEKHNODREV exhibition is a part of the St. Petersburg International Forestry Forum program the leading branch event of Russia, which annually hosts over 1500 specialists of the forestry complex. International Forestry Forum enjoys governmental and international branch support. It has become a meeting point for top-managers, power structures and scientific community representatives.
TEKHNODREV will be held concurrently with the following international specialized exhibitions: "Wooden Construction", "Russia's Regions. Potential of ForestryComplex" and MIFIC Expo.

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