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Leaving St. Petersburg

Railroad tickets are available at railway stations, tourist agencies, and at the Central Railway Agency both on the day of departure and in advance. Advance sale begins 45 days before the departure of the train. To book tickets in advance (7-45 days before the date when you would like to leave), dial 201 or 162-44-55.

Be on the alert at railway stations! Here you may be swindled even when buying a ticket. Some tickets are hard to purchase, but if an individual offers to help you for some reward we advise you to decline it at once. Even when you are offered a ticket supposedly to be acquired through the mediation of an employee of the railway station, expect to be swindled.

Not long ago the transport police revealed a group of swindlers who dressed up as railwaymen, porters, and cleaners and operated near the ticket offices at railway stations, offering their services through an agent. Having taken possession of their clients' money and passports, they would disappear without leaving a trace.

Steer clear of speculators! Otherwise you will run the risk of purchasing a forged ticket, let alone the fact that they will ask you to pay two or three times more than the ticket officially costs. Tickets are easy to forge, and there have been numerous incidents when passengers arrived at the station or airport only to discover that their tickets were fakes.

When you are planning to buy an airplane or railway ticket, remember that you will have to present your credentials (i.e. your passport). As in other crowded places, keep your purse or wallet well out of reach of pickpockets.

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