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Petersburg CITY / Guide to St. Petersburg, Russia
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Emergency Numbersattention

EMERCOM and Fire service01
Ambulance 03
«Lengaz» gas leakage crew 04
Special police service (for foreigners) 7649787

Essential Telephone Numbers

Operator assisted long-distance telephone calls 077
Speaking clock 060
St. Petersburg directory inquiries (telephone numbers) 09
Private telephone number inquiries (address or the name of the person should be known) 009
Telephone information service 008
Information service 070
City information service063
Financial consulting service 064
Sending telegrams by telephone 066
Taxi 068
Road accident information service2347990
Night drugstore 9°° p.m - 8°° a.m. 3112077
Information on hospitalized individuals service 2780055
Direct dial codes and rates information service 2749383
Operator assisted international telephone calls079
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