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What documents should be submited to the local Russian Embassy or Consulate to obtain your visa

Tourist Visa Private or Homestay Visa Employment or Study Travel Visa* Business Visa


* Contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate

Photocopy of the vital information pages of your valid passport

(showing Name, Birth Date, Passport Number, Expiration Date)
V V V Completed and signed Visa application form (one per person)
V V V Three standard passport-size photographs
V V V National passport must be Valid 3 months beyond intended stay
V For stay exceeding 3 months, or multi entry visa, a HIV Test Certificate required
None Required None Required None Required Vaccinations
V V V Official invitation form from an authorised organisation

Friends or relatives who will host you during your Russian visit

will need to obtain a visa invitation for you from a local UVIR

(office of visas and registrations)
V V V V - Official letter of invitation from your counterpart or sponsor in Russia;

- must be:

  • from a Russian company or a joint venture with a Russian member;
  • typed on a letter-head;
  • duly sealed;
  • signed by a person in charge;

- should contain the following information:

  • a registered address of the company in Russia;
  • the name(s);
  • passport data & itinerary of those who are invited.

- should be faxed directly to counterpart.

- if you are invited by a 100% non-Russian company by a diplomatic/consular mission in Russia an invitation must be cleared through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Moscow.


Visa entitlement certificate (IZVESHENIYE) from the local UVIR in Russia.

Your host must obtain this certificate for you and send the original certificate to you.

Your host will need to know:

  • Your Full Name;
  • Address;
  • Nationality;
  • Passport Number and Date of Birth;
  • Your Date of Arrival/Departure in Russia


If Tour Group or Cruise Passenger:

Letter from tour company or cruise line confirming itinerary and including a copy of the confirmation from authorized Russian travel company which shows the reference number and confirmation number for the visa

If Individual Travel:

Confirmation of hotel arrangements from authorized Russian travel company,

or directly from the Russian hotel,

showing reference number and confirmation number for the visa


Effective April 15 1999 all tourist visa support should be presented on the new Russian Visa Support Confirmation Form

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