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The Invitation Letter

Must be from

-The Russian Foreign Ministry or its regional representatives;

-The Passport and Visa Department (UVIR) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

-Specially authorized Russian Agencies:

  • must be duly registered as a tourist company at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia;

  • must be assigned with a special index. (This index and a tour reference number must be indicated in the confirmation).

Must contain

- Voucher;

- Letter to the Consular Department of the local Russian Embassy or Consulate;

- Letter of Confirmation;

- legal address of the agency;

- signature and name of official authorized to invite foreigners to Russia;

- official seal.

Visa extension

- is a complex procedure and only your Russian company which has arranged for your invitation letter - can secure its extension;

- it's better to ask for a few extra days in the invitation that can cushion your entrance and exit.

Note: The Embassy reserves the right to request the original invitation

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