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LENEXPO Exhibition Company

The exhibition company LENEXPO is one of the greatest in Russia. It has revived St. Petersburg's pre-revolutionary traditions of industrial, agricultural and scientific exhibitions, beginning with its first international exhibition, "INRYBPROM-68". In 1989 LENEXPO received the status of a firm, in 1993 it became a joint-stock company.

LENEXPO has organized more than 1,000 exhibitions, a number of which have become annual and attract hundreds of participants, Russian and foreign. The annual exhibitions "Baltic", "Russian Farmer", "The Man and the Woman" and others are widely known.

Today LENEXPO possesses 9 modern pavillions, 7 of which are situated near the Gavan, not far from Russia's leading seaport, and the other two are in the Northern part of the city, in the Prosveshheniya (Enlightenment) Prospect.

LENEXPO is a member of UFI and of the NIS Association for Exhibitions and Fares.

Address:103, Bolshoi Prospect of the Vasilievsky Island
Subway (Metro):Primorskaya
Tel:+ 7 (812) 355 1911

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