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Anniversary news, 30.05.2003 13:00

Italy will present light to St. Petersburg

The Museum of Suvorov Italy’s gifts to St. Petersburg will include architectural lighting of the Suvorov Museum and the Church of St. Catherine, said senator Roberto Antonione, Deputy Foreign Minister of Italy, at a press conference in the International Press Center. “This is one of the key gifts we will present for the jubilee of St. Petersburg according to the program ‘Italy for the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg’”, said the Italian official.

According to him, the lighting projects for the Museum of Suvorov and the Church of St. Catherine have been put on the tercentenary celebration list of the St. Petersburg Administration. They have been developed by Lensvet for the companies A.E.M. and A.M.G.A. It is expected that they will be completed in October or November.

The calendar of celebrations prepared by Italy for 2003 includes 90 events in the fields of art, music, theater, fashion and design. Besides that, restoration of a number of interiors and facades and a number of other events have been planned, intended to show the artistic traditions of Italy and the contemporary forms of their expression. 40 Italian organizations will take part in the program “Italy for the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg”, including agencies, regional and provincial administrations, municipalities, foundations, banks, associations and private companies.

The Museum of Suvorov is housed in the building at 43 Kirochnaya Ulitsa, designed by the architect Gogen. The Palace was built as a memorial shrine accommodating General Alexander Suvorov’s memorabilia. The Roman Catholic Church of St. Catherine in Nevsky Prospekt was designed by the architect Jean Vallin de la Mothe and built in 1762-83 by Antonio Rinaldi. Now it houses one of the six Roman Catholic parishes of St. Petersburg.

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