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Anniversary news, 02.06.2003 15:06

The leaders of over 40 states took part in the opening ceremony of Konstantinovsky Palace

Konstantinovsky Palace The leaders of over 40 states, who had arrived for the anniversary of St. Petersburg, took part in the opening ceremony of Konstantinovsky Palace. At the screen, placed in front of the tribunes, the photographs, lithographs, portraits of St. Petersburg poets, artists, musicians, politicians, who have made important contribution to the history of Russia, were shown. As part of the ceremony, directed by Andrei Konchalovsky, the famous artists performed in front of the leaders of the countries, including the famous Italian tenor Luchiano Pavarotti and Greek singer Demis Russos. The "Hymn To The Great City", dedicated to the jubilee, was performed by the famous German band Scorpions.

All the participants of the show sang together the St. Petersburg anthem to Gliere’s music.

The restoration work on the Konstantinovsky Palace, which had previously been in ruins, finished, Russia and the whole of Europe can take pride in the splendid palace. The Konstantinovsky Palace was built in the 18th century. Restoration work, which cost a total of USD 290 million, began in 2002. 95% of the cost of restoring the palace was born by sponsors.

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