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Business news, 14.03.2001 14:46

Vyborg factory to build booring platform in Iran.

In late March the factory will send out technical documentation for the participation in the second tender to build this Iranian booring platform. According to the factory's General Director S. Zavialov, the need to have a second tender is related to "insignificant changes in the technical task". The cost of the project, which includes the creation of a booring platform, of two accompanying vessels and of a firefighting vessel, is estimated at $300 million. The factory, possessing unique production technology and aquatory, has no competitors among Russian enterprises. Its metal-processing dockyard's capacity is about 14,000 tons a year. 4 other Russian factories will participate in the realization of "Khazar" project if Vyborg Shipbuilding Factory's work is successful. Source: RBC.

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