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Business news, 19.03.2001 17:00

New U.S.-Russian business ties

This information has been provided by Director of St. Petersburg's Independent Institute of Socioeconomic Research Natalia Zhuravleva. She said that representatives of the Russian Virtual Interregional Institute of Small and Medium-size Business Leaders have just returned from a trip to Washington, D.C. Their trip was initiated by an independent U.S. association known as the Civil Initiative Center, with headquarters in St. Petersburg. Representatives of 30 types of businesses from 25 regions of Russia were a part of the delegation. They were received by U.S. State Secretary Coleen Powell and by U.S. Ministry of Finance representatives in the Congress building. The main objective of the visit was to acquaint the new U.S. administration with Russian businessmen, to alleviate the negative image of Russian business created by Western media and to prove that it is possible to cooperate with Russia. The delegates believe they have achieved their goal. According to N. Zhuravleva, the new U.S. administration should review its policy on supporting Russian business and direct financial support to specific projects in Russia's regions rather that to the federal government. Source: RBC.

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