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Business news, 21.03.2001 17:59

Russian factories repair India's submarines.

According to General Director of Severodvinsk's "Zvesdochka" Ship Repair Enterprise Nikolai Kalistratov, the Indian clients will prefer to give their order for the modernization of "Sindugosh" diesel submarine to "Zvezdochka", specializing in submarine repairs and modernization. India's Navy officials gave a high evaluation to the quality of repair works done on "Sinduvir" submarine in 1999 and to those currently in progress on "Sinduratna" submarine. According to N. Kalistratov, the clients would prefer to continue their cooperation with "Zvezdochka". The Director remarked that the Indian orders are the basis of the enterprise's economic stability and allow it to work effectively in the interests of the Russian Navy. St. Petersburg's and Severodvinsk's dockyards have already received orders to repair two Indian submarines each and in each case they competed for these orders. The next submarine, "Sindugosh", is of a type similar to the previous ones. It is a diesel electric "Kilo" class torpedo submarine built in the former U.S.S.R. The possible cost of the contract is not revealed. "Zvezdochka" received $80 million for repairing the first submarine, according to earlier data.

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