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Business news, 22.03.2001 15:02

St. Petersburg makes new trams for Russia's cities.

Photo by S. Smolsky, ITAR-TASS. Five new-generation LM-99 tram cars were assembled and shipped to Kazan this year only. Works on ten new cars for Kolomna (Moscow region) are currently being conducted. Four-axis LM-99 cars, designed at the factory's construction bureau are modern and comfortable, their bodies are made out of durable plastic. They are equipped with economical engines and are capable of transporting up to 200 passengers. A sample of a new type of tram car has also been developed here in cooperation with Moscow City Hall. It is planned to supply such vehicles to three Moscow tram parks. The new four-axis high-comfort car is made in Retro style, capable of transporting 120 passengers, has effective brake systems and is capable of running 1 million kilometres before a capital renovation is needed. In late April the first sample of this new car will be delivered to Moscow for testings. Photo of the new car model's assembly by S. Smolsky, ITAR-TASS.

News source: ITAR-TASS agency

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