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Business news, 12.04.2001 14:00

"Ivan Fedorov" printing house to buy a new offset machine worth $2 million.

The printing house signed a contract with a German firm to buy a "Rapida" offset machine for $2 million. The purchase of a five-section machine, allowing to print various products (such as albums, postcards and packages) is a part of a full-scale re-equipment program that the enterprise plans to invest up to $10 million in. It is expected that all of its 12 printing machines, worn out by 70%, will be replaced. Used equipment will be sold as new machines are being bought. Additional cover-making equipment will also be bought. At the present time, the inability of Russian printing houses to make high-quality covers for expensive albums in large numbers forces publishers to place orders abroad.

The main part of money spent on this purchase was allocated out of the printing house's own finances. Aside from this, a credit was drawn from St. Petersburg Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The new machine will be put into operation this December. The main task of this re-equipment process is to attract traditional clients, such as the Hermitage, the Russian Museum and "Aurora" Publishers to the printing house's services again.

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