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Business news, 19.04.2001 15:53

Indian submarine repaired in St. Petersburg.

Photo by S. Smolsky, ITAR-TASS. First "Kilo" diesel electric submarine for Indian Navy was lowered into water by Admiralty Dockyards shipbuilding enterprise. The enterprise has conducted repairs and upgrades on this submarine, which will be sent to India after montage and reconstruction works on it are completed. The Indian clients have requested a "work-mode" lowering with no journalists present. Admiralty Dockyards has been repairing two Russian-made submarines since May, 1999. Various mechanisms and devices, including armaments, have been replaced and upgraded. Photo shows a "Kilo" type submarine model made according to the 877E design. Two such submarines are undergoing repairs and upgrades at Admiralty Dockyards. Photo by S. Smolsky, ITAR-TASS.

News source: ITAR-TASS

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