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Business news, 23.04.2001 14:28

Innovations at Baltika brewery.

Photo by A. Nikolayev, Interpress. The brewery has launched a new beer canning line. This is already the eighth canning line at the enterprise. It is expected that it will allow the company to manufacture beer packed in aluminum cans. The expected capacity of the new automated line is 60,000 half-litre cans or 80,000 0.33-litre cans per hour. At the present time this is the most productive beer canning line in Russia. The production of a new sort of beer, called Baltika Pshenichnoye (Wheat) #8, created by the brewery's specialists, began recently. The new beer will be packed in half-litre bottles and poured from tap in the city's elite bars. It is planned to output about 4 million litres of wheat beer this year. Photo by A. Nikolayev, Interpress.

News source: Interpress

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