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Business news, 23.05.2001 12:37

"Almaz" factory will put another "Zubr" class amphibia vessel into operation by May 28.

A contract involving the construction of two "Zubr" class ships was signed by Rosvooruzhenie company with the Greek Ministry of National Defense on January 24, 2000. The cost of the contract is about $100 million. It is planned to hand the second ship over to the clients in late July - early August, 2001. The first vessel was handed over to Greece on December 20, 2000. "Zubr" class amphibia vessels have been developed by "Almaz" company and marine construction bureau. The ship is 57 m long, 22.3 m wide and reaches the maximal speed of 60 knots. It is capable of transporting 150 tons of cargo and of surmounting 2 m high obstacles.

News source: FONTANKA.RU

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