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Business news, 24.07.2001 11:45

The Severnaya Verph participates in the international program 'Partnership for Progress'.

C:\Мои документы\ship.jpg The coordination committee of the international program 'Partnership for Progress' awarded the plant with the special prize 'Golden Gauge'. This stylized golden bar is regarded in the business world as a talisman of commercial success. In addition, General Director Valery Venkov was given the title 'The Director of 2001' for his achievements in the administrative sphere and was awarded the Big Golden Medal and a certificated.

Partenrship for progress was started in 1995 upon the initiative of several German and French companies in order to establish direct contacts with industrial enterprises. The program is also aimed at making direct investments, providing free consultancy services of foreign experts, searching for foreign partners for supplying equipment.

During the last year and a half, over a hundred of Russian enterprises took part in the program. The criteria for choosing the companies are: the industry, region and rates of the foreign trade activity, production and sales.

News source: IA "Rosbalt"

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