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Business news, 20.08.2001 18:09

The first two Ford Focus cars adopted for Russian conditions are assembled

Ford Focus This was reported to the press by Murray Gilbert, director general of the Ford Motor Company plant in Vsevolozhsk (Leningradskaya oblast) on Monday. Vehicles with Sedan and Universal bodies were assembled by Russian workers at the Ford plant in Valencia, Spain, and are pre-production models. According to director general, the Ford company is going to start Russian Focus repetition work in Vsevolozhsk in January 2002. Its price is going to be lower than that it is sold today by the Ford dealers in Russia, says Mr. Gilbert. According to his words, JSC Ford Motor Company has already signed several contracts with motor car equipment purveyors from Russia by now and is negotiating with European purveyors. Focus assembled in Vsevolozhsk will have Russian windows, shock-absorbers, rugs and mudguards with total cost of 400 dollars. Russian plants will be producing equipment for this car at half of its price in five years. Murray Gilbert didn't name the plants that will become purveyors for Ford, but the public relations department didn't exclude the possibility that the glass for Focus will be produced at the Borsky glass factory (Nizhegorodskaya oblast).

News source: RIA-NOVOSTI

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