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Business news, 02.11.2001 19:22

Has a "New Epoch" Come?

Russians cannot decide if the world changed after September 11. 42 percent suppose that the world remained the same, and 39 percent are sure that a 'new epoch' has come, according to the last weekend Gallup Poll held by the Social Opinion fund.

20 percent of respondents expect positive changes: Russia will become 'even stronger than America' and 'will occupy the former leading place in the world'. Although, 6 percent apprehend that Russia 'will always be late-blooming'. Some people (3 percent) are sure that the changes will not affect Russia.

The respondents were rather pessimistic speaking about the U.S. future: the half of them said that 'everyone will be killed by anthrax', 'the half of America will be submerged' or 'it will not be a superpower any more'. 7 percent, on the contrary, depict bright future and predict flourishing of America. And only few envision no changes in the life of Americans.

News source: IA "Rosbalt"

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