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Business news, 05.12.2001 18:54

“Soft Gold” for $ 800 thou.

burguzinski sable 10.67 thou. fells of cage sable, at the total value of $ 800 thou., have been sold by a fur auction of JSC Souzpushnina in St. Petersburg.

Price rise is estimated to be 12-17 % relative to a similar auction last year, and a fell lot cost from $ 200 to 50. Also 15 thou. fells of mink and 11 thou. fells of polar fox were put up for the auction, but they were not of great demand due to high prices. 90 % of fells were bought by Japanese and American brokers. In total, Russia produces 20-25 thou. fells of cave sable per year. But after abrogation of a state monopoly for farm sable a half of produced fells are delivered to rival auctions in Helsinki.

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