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Business news, 30.01.2002 18:09

St. Petersburg Exchange To Be 11!

St. Petersburg Exchange, which will be 11 on January 31, has announced the results of its operation during the last year.

In 2001 the total turnover of the Exchange and its subsidiary St. Petersburg Stock Exchange came to 15.8 billion roubles, which is two times greater than in 2000.

Goods market turnover of the Exchange in 2001 came to 458.4m roubles, exceeding the turnover of the 2000 five times.

Realization of exchange sections: wood and construction materials 195.7m roubles; mechanical equipment, and machines 143.3m roubles; energy resources 99.1m roubles.

At present St. Petersburg Exchange, in cooperation with Prosperity, is finishing to develop design documentation for building of an exchange complex.

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