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Business news, 12.02.2002 17:28

Pulkovo is forced to remove two types of airplanes

Tu-134 This action is caused by the ban to perform flights in EU countries by aircraft, engines of which exceed noisiness standards. So only one airplane – Tu-154M will be able go to EU countries.

According to Pulkovo Deputy Director General, Nikolay Kolesov, traffic flow is not going to reduce, but problems connected with financial and economic activity will arise as existing types of airplanes will be used with lower effectiveness. In 2001 the density of passenger traffic increased by 11%, in 2002-2003 Pulkovo figures to rise the passenger traffic by 15%.

At present, Pulkovo uses 9 Il-86 planes and 14 Tu-134 planes, the amount of “matching” Tu-154M is 9. In opinion of Kolesov, the existing facilities allow to increase the traffic flow 2 times.

Today pilots of the aviation enterprise serve flights to 23 countries of Europe and Asia, 53 cities of Russia and CIS, as well as charter flights to 13 countries. 16 foreign companies perform regular flights to Pulkovo-2 Airport.

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