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Business news, 19.02.2002 16:42

Ferry is not constructed yet, but tickets are already sold

the ferry under construction The fast passenger ferry will make its first cruise on March 31, 2002. The passenger catamaran of Superfoil-40 project developed by MTD Limited is built by the order of Estonian company Hansa Leasing. The ship intended for 300 passengers is planned to be delivered by the end of May, 2002. The building was started on April 25, 2001. The vessel is 42 meters long and makes 55 knots. It will be operated by Linda Line Express (Estonia) on the seaway Tallinn-Helsinki. At present Almaz Shipbuilding Company is negotiating building of another passenger ferry with Hansa Leasing.

Photo by A. Fedotova, Interpress

News source: Interpress

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